Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still alive and kicking!

So, here we are.... back again... can't get rid of us that easily! Sorry to have been away so long but alas we have returned!

Both Soph and I have had some big exciting changes in our lives over the last couple of months which have kept us pretty busy - we've both cut back or left our jobs, we've both travelled overseas for awhile, and we are both starting some new study this year!

It will be an interesting and exciting year for both of us, but we are both excited and ready to get back into The Monday Project type projects, and see what interesting and different responses everyone can come up with.

Also this year we are thinking we would love to get some people playing along to come up with some ideas for monthly themes, so let us know if you are interested!

The first project for the year is going to be finishing on the 29th of March, so all photo's, stories, sketches, jewellery, drawings, songs, and interpretative dances will be due in then! As always, submissions can be emailed through to us at themondayproject85@gmail.com for us to put up, or just post it on your link and let us know so we can link back to it!

The theme is..... (drumroll) ........

"She looked at the pile of books and wondered how she would ever fit them inside her head."

image by life spirit1


  1. Gald to have you gals back on line and I'm sure both of you will have a fantastic year ...

    Interesting theme for the month and see if I could crank out something.

    I'll be happy to contribute some ideas for the project. Just let me know. :)

  2. Great theme but did i miss it?

    Since it is the second i guess i did. I will catch up on the next one!

  3. Hi Amanda! Nope, you didn't miss it -- because we've been a bit slack we've given a longer time. So you've got until 29 March for this one.

    Look forward to reading your response :)

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