Monday, April 21, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

This morning my week started with a downpour that was almost torrential. It rained so hard that a small stream was flowing across a dip in the footbridge I take to get to work, and I had to pull my pants up above my ankles and accept the fact that my shoes and feet would be drenched. They were, and I sat at my desk for the first hour of work with no shoes on, drying out my feet.

But the rain and my sopping wet socks, somewhat strangely, made me smile. I don't know whether it was bright yellow umbrella I bought recently, or the fact that the cement under my feet was so wet I could see my reflection in it. Or maybe it's just because water falling from the sky has been a rare thing of late in Australia. But I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I lived in Melbourne, the rainy city, for four years, and now waterlogged shoes and pants that are wet from the thighs down remind me of how much I love that place. Nostalgia is a powerful and endlessly interesting (at least to me) thing.

Here's a link to a short piece of fiction I wrote on a similar theme.

Only a week until the first deadline!


  1. Here, it's still sunny, although we did have one small fall of rain the day before yesterday. And now it's cold as well - after having the hottest March days on record, Melbourne has had the coldest April days on record. What Global Warming?

    I'd love to contribute to the Monday Project Soph, but I have been flat chat on this doco at the moment - 38 music cues to make in just over 21 days. Nearly finished now.

    Maybe I'll get something in for the next round. Hope all is going well up there - give my love to S&M.