Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Long Time Between Drinks

Sorry there's been such a long silence. I guess life has been a little too busy and/or a little too distracting for Kate and I lately. But it's a new year, so I think that's a pretty good excuse to start posting again.

New Year is a strange time of year. I always feel a little torn between the old and the new. And, no matter how hard I try not to, I always find myself saying things like: "Last year I did this... but this year I'll do that". I guess it's somehow important to have a way of ending a particular chapter in your life, marking it in some way, so you can start on a new one.

And that's what I'm doing this year. Making a new start. Not in a big, exciting way, like Miss Maybel (unfortunately!), but in small ways.

One of the things I'm wanting to do more of this year is cooking -- for other people. It's very satisfying to cook for yourself, but it's so much more so to cook for others. I had a few dinners over the Christmas/New Year period where I cooked for other people and I realised that I really enjoy it.

So I started this Sunday just gone. I baked a cheesecake for a few friends, and we had several pots of tea. Lovely!


  1. OH wow my first tag! Thank you.

    I am really excited for you guys to start posting agin. I am looking forward to the first theme.