Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know we haven't posted responses (more on that soon) but for now

This is Manisha from Nepal, who I have recently sponsored to attend school for this year. I realise this is not really monday project news, but I feel it is important news none the less!

My sister Amanda has recently travelled to Nepal, and upon her return to Australia has started a website and a charity that will support a Nepalese orphanage she spent most of her time at.

The website is newly launched (you can check it out here) and is currently seeking sponsors for the children to be able to attend the school this year. Amanda has done a fantastic job of raising enough money for 9 of the 12 kids, and with only 3 kids remaining any spare dollars you throw towards this great cause would be greatly appreciated! It makes me terribly sad to think of the 3 kids not yet sponsored who will not be attending, so please, take a look.

You can also check out Amanda's story and her plans for her imminent return to Nepal at the blog.
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  1. Thanks so much for the post. We really do need all the exposure we can get.

    It makes me sad to think three of the children may miss out on a good education but we are doing our best to find the funds. Fingers crossed.

  2. I think what you are doing is really fab :-)
    I already sponsor a child through PLAN, if more people out there did this it would make such a difference :-)

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