Thursday, August 27, 2009

I was in Melbourne this past weekend, for the Writers' Festival. I had the nicest weekend. Plenty of ideas and motivation at the writers' festival, good catch ups with a number of friends (Kate included!) and some frantic writing.

It was just what I needed. I feel creatively and emotionally refreshed and am ready to tackle some serious projects. This week I've written quite a lot. I haven't yet felt like I've achieved anything great yet, but I've definitely done some small things that will get me somewhere in the long run.

So now I just need to get myself to continue in this vein. Wish me luck!


PS. The image above I took in Federation Square at about lunch time on Saturday. I love the guy in the background, completely oblivious.


  1. haha that photo is fantastic!

    :) it was so lovely to catch up with you. im glad your feeling refreshed and writing a lot! sometimes its just just to get going again, and its not so much about about whether its great or not :)

  2. Fantastic and you have my best wishes! ;)