Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New things

I love new things. They're exciting and unknown, and full of potential. I started a new story this week, inspired by something I was half-watching on the tele. I went to a new cafe to write on Sunday, a recommendation from a friend of mine.

Two new things I think I will persist with.


  1. ohhh yesss! new things can be so inspiring!

  2. Fantastic! Well Done! I used to love to write in cafe but can't do it anymore. Don't know why! But I still love the idea of taking a lovely notebook (mine would a be a red moleskin), a purple pen to a cafe. Then order myself a giant cup of Chai Latte and a big piece of cheese cake, find a seat facing the street and write my heart out! :D

    Maybe I should do it this weekend ...

  3. thinking of new things ... are you still keen for a bit of life drawing? i think it's on this monday