Sunday, September 27, 2009

Safety In Art and other craftiness

So I've been told by Pseudo Rhys that I really must write something, because he's impatient to read more about Safety In Art, which Kate and I attended in Melbourne last weekend. I too am beginning to see a pattern here with mine and Kate's level of organisation...

Pseudo and I both went to an arts and crafternoon this afternoon (the afternoon's name was borrowed from my good friend Sarah, whose friend coined the term). This is, well, sort of the aftermath.

In a lot of ways, this afternoon's efforts were reminiscent of Safety In Art last weekend, in that it was a bunch of people getting together and creating stuff. This was certainly a part of Safety In Art.

I've found it difficult to describe Catacomb Creative's efforts to people who weren't there. It was group crafting, it was discussion with the Creative Women's Circle, it was live art, it was people selling their wares. It was people continuing to sketch even when we all moved to a nearby bar. Kate and I made ourselves some business cards and joined in the discussions and the laughter, but we kind of forgot to tell anyone in attendance the theme. Or that they should be responding to it... I guess we were too caught up in meeting people and having conversations about all things creative.

Ummm... yeah. We also neglected to take any photos. Go Monday Project!

It was such a great day. Thanks to Catacomb Creative for putting it on. We promise we'll be more organised for the next one!

The only negative thing I will say about the day is that it made me miss Melbourne like crazy. But then only a few of you would agree that's a bad thing...

PS. Responses to this month's theme are due Monday week, 5 October.

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  1. ohhhh we are so terrible!!

    thankyou for being less terrible than me and finally getting something up!!

    it was such a fun day!! i was so disappointed to have to heaad off early :( your crafternoon looks like fun too!! yesss move back here and we can have some more crafty fun :)