Sunday, August 31, 2008

Patience and Pebbles

I've felt frustrated this week. On Tuesday or Wednesday I went to get in the shower in the morning after writing for forty minutes or so; it was raining outside and I thought about how lovely it would be to stay at home, inside, writing all day. But, like every other week day, I had to go to work. I felt sad about it for most of the day. It was probably quite an immature response: to mope and pout all day.

I emailed a good friend of mine to have a whinge, and she offered the following advice, passed on from her mother: "People who move mountains start by moving very small stones".

And so I am going to practice patience and start with the pebbles.

The monthly project is due tomorrow.

Image by cocoi_m.

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  1. Oh that is very lovely advice! Something I need to hear too I think! I so often feel like that about working... and dreaming about staying home and working on my own things that I love... perhaps one day!!

    That picture is so lovely!