Monday, August 18, 2008

Rediscovering the library...

Today I have had the most productive day. I love monday's because I don't have to work and I get a chance to get lotsof things done. Today was tax return, shopping, and FINALLY getting to the library near my new house. And perhaps even the gym....

I remember when I was little going to the library every Saturday morning after netball with my Mum and sisters and borrowing several books. I had forgot how much fun it was spending time browsing shelves upon shelves of beautiful books, agonising over which ones were to be coming home with me. I hadn't been to the library for so long and told myself that this was because I much preferred to buy books. Which is still true, but there is also something nice about borrowing books you normally wouldn't really buy, to learn something new or look at all the pictures.

Today I went in search of books about trees, looking for some pictures and inspiration. I found two incredibly beautiful books, which reminded me how much inspiration there is to be found in nature. How beautiful are these pictures?
Bottom three images: Thomas Marent - Rainforests.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours and am adding it to my bookmarks!

    These images are fabulous.


  2. Ahh libraries! I love them and have fond memories of trips there after school with my brothers; and yet, like you, I hardly ever manage to make my way into them. But looking at these pictures from books you found in a library, I really think I should make more of an effort!

  3. I really love the last image - so beautiful. I received a robot call from the library today - 9 books overdue ... sigh. I will be heading out to the library tomorrow with my pocket money, again. I blame it on my mom, she's a librarian and I never had to pay fines...

  4. Sounds fun - I love visiting new libraries! Looks like you found many treats!