Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Made Up Words

I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses made up words. Or words used in the wrong context for amusement. But I've just noticed that I often make up words when I make typing errors. And they're recurring words. My current recurring typo is 'activon', used instead of 'action'.

This is something that I love about language -- it's so fluid and playful.

I'm curious as to what, exactly, 'activon' would mean. Any ideas?


  1. A robot. I got this image as soon as I said the word activon. It has a metallic feel to me. It is not a sleek looking robot. It's more rustic, clumsy, amateruish type of made up robot. And it's a Him. It's red, silver and black, squareish. Has a big grin on his face. Ooooh, he's got a name. He is called Anton ...

    Can I have him??? :D

  2. Hi Sophie I like your blog, and your ideas. Activon sounds like a french spa to me!! Somewhere where very fit and healthy people would visit to drink sparkling water and wrap themselves up in pristine white dressing gowns!! I think I like Hybrid J's thoughts better though.
    Re your struggles with creativity have you read 'The Artists Way' I'd highly reccomend it to get the creative juices flowing - it sounds like a few artists dates might be in order. Best wishes Emmie x

  3. p.S Sorry Kate - I just realised I got your name mixed up in my last message! I love all the responses to your treasure theme - I've just added myself to your email list. Am i too late to post about some treasure? !

  4. Hey Sophie & Kate,

    Wondering if I have missed it or ... anyway, have you alreay written a post re next month's project theme?

  5. hi emmie! no not too late at all!! post up something for treasure if you like, and hybrid no you havent missed the next months theme, we've just been a bit slack and havent put it up yet :S

    yes i totally have made up words!! especially when typing! its like my fingers go to fast for my head... or is my head going to fast for my fingers??

  6. A little of both if you're anything like me!

  7. It sounds like that chocolate vitamin drink from my childhood!!