Monday, May 4, 2009

playing along...

I'm very excited today because Ben from Ben Zen Illustration is playing along. I will admit I have had a bit of a blog-crush for a little while now and was thrilled to see him playing along!

Ben draws the cutest little tree men and women and singing birds, and I always enjoy dropping into his blog to check out what new drawings he has done. I so wish I could draw :) Head on over to check out his ideas for treasure as well as whatever else he is up to...

Also have new blogger from A Simple Tune playing along, and the always talented Mr Sketchy who always beats us finished. Anyone else who needs some inspiration or simply wants to play along, let us know and we'll add your link in the side bar.

image from Ben Zen Illustration


  1. i think i have a blog crush now too, thanks for putting this one up!

    oh and kate thanks for the lovely comments about my website! I've been using dreamweaver + after a few of the tutorials got the hang of it pretty much. I tried using indexexhibit but found all the coding too hard, can't wait to see how yours goes!

  2. And, as usual, I am slow on the posting of mine! Sorry, it is coming... unfortunately an essay has taken over my brain.