Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm at home on a Saturday night. Working on a screenplay and short story. I feel like a bit of a dork, having nothing social to do. But secretly I'm really enjoying it. I've been so busy of late, it's nice to slow down a bit.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the way my life is organised at the moment, and how much time I have to pursue any kind of creativity. The balance has been very far from right in the last few months and I, like Kate, have been anxious. Things aren't quite right. I'm stressed out and feeling cranky all the time.

But again, like Kate, I've just got to wait it out. It will pass. Soon I will have finished my semester at uni, things will settle down at work, and I'll have time to breathe again.

Looking forward to seeing some more responses to this month's project on Monday!

Image by hickoree.


  1. oh im looking forward to checking them all out too! except i still havent worked mine out... oh i've been so lazy... maybe i've just been a bit to full on with the waiting haha... need to be a bit more proactive haha

    hope you are feeling more balanced soon too!

  2. I always love quiet Saturday nights. It feels like you're stealing time. Hope you kicked some goals!

  3. Hi Sophie,

    Nice to know that you got some work done over the weekend. As of the balancing act and waiting out, I'm also experiecing something like that lately. I'm still trying to find out what's going on. So a public apology that I'm to miss out on this month's Monday Project ... I'm so so so sorry about it. :( It's just my mind is not in the right place. Hope for yours and Kate's understanding!

  4. Completely understand Hybrid! I'm in exactly the same situation. I just haven't had the time or headspace to do anything for this month's project yet. I might try to get something done this week though... I'll see how I go!