Tuesday, October 20, 2009

these are the thoughts that i think...

So. I've been busy pondering lately. As I have talked about on here before, not a day goes by that I don't dream of being a crazy and free-spirited artist, creating and making whatever it is that my heart so desires that day, without worrying about money or whether anyone would want to buy it. I find that part of the process (the selling part) is such a creative killer. I find it really hard to just play and experiment when my mind is already reeling ahead to the customer and the marketing part. I find it really tough to get out of that mindset of "will this work?", as oppose to just going with it and seeing what happens.

I really wish for a day where I can just wake up and create and do as I please and know that abundance and success will follow. (And I don't mean riches and fame... I could really care less about that, I just mean being able to eat and put and roof over my head).

Do you think that it is possible to achieve this? I don't think I think it's impossible. My question is this: Is the reason that most people seem to tell me that you can't actually live like that is because you can't? Or do most people not live like that because they think they can't?

I don't know if I'm even making any sense hahaha I'll stop rambling now... Please share your thoughts and try to help me make sense of my thoughts...

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  1. Makes complete sense to me. These are the thoughts I think as well.

    I'm beginning to discover that one needs to be just as creative with finding things to make money from as one is with the actual work itself.

    I firmly believe it's doable. It's just hard work.

  2. I don't know if i am going to make sense either but I think that is the dream of every creative. Me included.

    Until we get to the point where our fun can supply the funds it is vital to be able to integrate some of what we love into the work that does pay the bills.

    Sometimes it's not possible, but hopefully it happens at least once a week.

    Maybe one day my illustration and random cardboard animals will be able to keep food on the table and debt collectors at bay, but not this year.

    I hope your fun lets you make money sooner than mine does :)

    Hmm. I think I only managed to confuse myself with that, but hey thats what happens when I'm sketching, blogging and watching the Simpsons at the same time.

  3. you made complete sense to me! i'm not creative in the same sense as you guys are, but wanting to be able to create what you want to create rather than having to work out if it'll pay the rent. i suspect that you can (kind of) achieve this, however, it usually only works when other people who like what you do discover you and start paying for your stuff.
    i've heard interviews with musicians who try to do something for themselves and get slammed for it cos it's not 'their sound' and not what their fans want.
    anywho.. you're definitely not rambling, (well maybe) but no more than me... and it makes total sense, so at least it's sensical rambling!

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