Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late: Missing You

Sorry, this is late because I've been busy and tired and had computer troubles (wireless internet is great if it actually works, mine does most of the time). And I had to hand in a screenplay yesterday that I only started work on two weeks ago! I swear I am crazy, thinking I can fit all of this into one normal person's life...

My response to this month's project can be found here. I was also thinking about submitting this, but it's old so I thought I shouldn't really cheat.

Miss Maybel and Mr Sketchy also played along this month. As did Hybrid J and lovegeek; and of course Kate!

They all, of course, got their submissions in on time. I'm the only bum who's late. Next month I'll be more organised -- promise!

I'm off to Melbourne this weekend and I can't wait! I get to see many of my favourite people and feel like I'm at home again. I will undoubtedly blog about how much I miss it on my return.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Have a great trip Sophie! You deserved a good holiday.