Monday, April 6, 2009

Empty spaces

For this months project I decided to go with a photo. The idea of missing you first conjures up ideas of being miserable and sad, and of empty spaces.

I liked this photo because for me it works in two ways, the first being if I'm miserable and missing someone I could think of nothing better to jump back into bed and sleep the sadness away. And secondly, the empty side of the bed implying someone who use to be there and is no longer.


  1. Absence of presence -- I love it! Do you remember Mr Bennetts talking about that concept in high school art? It's always something that's really resonated with me.

    In fact, your picture might have just changed my mind about what I'm going to submit (promise I will -- just won't have time until later tonight).

  2. An inspiring photo and explanation. I never thought of the "implication" (Sophie's well put: absence of presence) of missing someone / something. A great way to provoke thinking. Well done, Kate and thank you for sharing.