Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm at home today trying to get a large chunk of an assignment that's due soon over and done with. It's an essay on a topic that I'm immensely interested in but I'm still have huge trouble actually doing it. I've hung out washing, emailed people I work with, emailed my brother and now here I am writing a post here.

It's not that I haven't done any work. I've just done very little.

Procrastination should be my middle name. Any tips on how to avoid it?


  1. oh i have the same problem!! I drive myself crazy but I still can't stop!

    Sometimes I set myself a time frame to work for, with a reward at the end. One hour of work and then I can do something I want to do, then repeat. Otherwise no... I've wasted many a-day procrastinating... like you said, its not like I don't do ANY work... its just that I spend most of the day trying to appear and make myself FEEL like I'm working...


  2. Thanks! I think I might need it...

  3. God if i knew how to avoid procrastination i'd be a very happy girl. And I wouldn't have spent the last 8 hours sitting at my computer!

  4. Procrastination is my first name, maybe I should call myslef Hybrid P instead. Anyway, Kate's method is also one of my favourites. It works! However if not, try below. It helped me to start STOS # 2. It's like meditation or a form of self hypnosis,

    Form Eric Maisel's "Write Mind" titled Right Silence -

    Tell youself: I can sit still. I can sit still and be with my anxiety. I can sit still and begin to quiet my noisy mind. I can sit quietly. I can sit quietly. I can sit quietly and begin to engage with my (novel or in your case assignment). I can sit quietly, begin to engage with my assignment, and shut out the noise that wells up agian. I can be with my assignment in right silence.

  5. I’m pretty bad in this area as well.

    The two things I find helps me is starting around and hour after I get up or get home. Once I've made a start, i find it easier to keep going...

    The other is location. I still haven’t succeeded in creating a really comfortable work area in my home. Which is why I like finding quiet places to do work away from home. Less distraction…

  6. Sounds like we all suffer from a similar affliction! Except for me it's the washing and other housework I'm avoiding... and I have my whole family coming over for dinner tonight. I've changed the menu 10 times and there is mess everywhere! So I think I need a cure quickly too. If you find one let me know!

  7. The art of delay tactics... I could write a book.
    The best advice I can give (considering I am a HUGE procrastinator too) is JUST GET ON WITH IT!
    Usually it's not as bad as I was expecting and I always feel so much better when it's all done.
    Good luck!

  8. Ask yourself what will happen if you keep putting off the task at hand.

    We often;

    1. Overestimate what needs done and
    fear failure when we procrastinate things.

    2. Usually when we procrastinate, we are getting something out of NOT doing the task at hand.

    Ask yourself:

    Does the choice to take on the assignment empower me?

    What will happen if I keep putting it off versus what will happen if I break it down into chunks and do it well?

    What am I getting out of not doing this task?

    It is actually healthy to procrastinate at times. We learn something from every choice we make.

    Hope this helps a little Sophie.