Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday morning

So... I forgot about daylight savings ending overnight. And I'm up an hour before I really needed to be.

About half of me is really annoyed about it; the extra hour's sleep would've been nice. But the other half of me is amused and enjoying the fact that I unexpectedly have an extra hour in the day. In this hour I've just about finished off the first draft of a script I've been working on, and now I'm starting work (yes, yes, I know I should be more organised for something I help run) on my response to this month's project.

In about 45 minutes I'll head off to my first Sunday-morning yoga class. I've taken this class many times before, just not on a Sunday morning. I think it will be a nice not-really-start to the day.

PS. Responses to the Missing You theme are due tomorrow.


  1. Oh that sounds like such a nice way to start the day!! I've always wanted to get up early for a yoga class but I just love sleeping too much hehe

    I made the same mistake with the daylight savings, but I was very happy about it! I love being tricked into bein up and at it nice and early :)

    have a nice sunday!

  2. i love coming to this blog... and seeing what such creative people come up with each month.. i am hanging out for this months offerings. Not being particularly creative in the artistic sense of the word i admire you all for putting yourselves and your work out there for the rest of us. Thanks...

  3. Heh, I thought about making the most of my extra hour, I woke up and saw the time was 8:30... which I knew I was 7:30, but I was feeling a little tired still. So I lied in bed seeing if I was going to go back to sleep. After 10 minutes I gave up and was about to get up when, I guess I fell asleep again. Next when I looked at my clock it was 10:50. And yes, that is taking the clock change into account...

  4. Hey,

    Just found your blog and I really like it.

    I love rising really early (yes, I'm kinda strange that way) my husbands thinks I'm odd.

    I just love the feeling of being up and about knowing everyone else is probably safely tucked away in bed (husband included).