Thursday, July 10, 2008

on my desk.... a little late!!

A little bit late but better late than never!! I've been busy busy busy making a necklace for a birthday present for someone! Its going to look fantastic but it's taking a longer than I thought because I am very easily distracted.... (mostly by this. I LOVE this song at the moment and the dancing around the house that goes with it.)
This week I have some half made chain, as well as bits and pieces of magazines and newspapers I have rediscovered when I moved house, that I once upon a time ripped out because I liked them. Its been great to find all these old treasures that inspired me some time ago, and are giving me all these great ideas all over again!
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  1. oh your bench reminds me of when i studied jewellery design at tafe! i don't make silver jewellery any more (as i wasn't much good at it), but i remember making chain, such a long process ;-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished birthday necklace.