Sunday, July 20, 2008

something nice

Today I went to the Melbourne Design market which I have been really looking forward to all week, and as usual the level of talent was extremely high, so many clever, interesting designs. Unfortunately it is (understandably) always packed with so many people I find it so hard to get a really good look at EVERYTHING and hate thinking I may have missed some awesome stuff.

The best part of my day was had when I was walking home and stumbled upon this:

Someone has knitted a scarf/beanie/teacosy thing for a pole down one of Melbournes great laneways...! I would love to meet the person that did this! I love love LOVE when people do things that are good and fun, purely because they are good and fun and need to be done. I think there should be more of this going on in the world.

I'm off to snuggle up with a cup of tea and finish the weekend newspapers. What a great Sunday.


  1. This is hilarious. I have read about 'knitted graffiti' but yet to see it in Melbourne. Very funny. I have googled it, but haven't had much luck finding any decent links for you.
    Didn't get to the designers market today, thought the last time I went it was frantic. Very frustrating, but worth a look. I will have to try going early next time to beat the crowds.

  2. Oh I miss Melbourne! Someone please think of an excuse for me to visit again...

  3. The market was terrific. I think may have more info on that knitted street art if you're interested.

  4. Glad you like our work! We certainly had fun creating it!
    xxx From your friendly Knitta Litta