Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last night I went to see Gonzo, the documentary about Hunter S. Thompson. The man had a chaotic life of drugs, drink, fame and words. But those words, those words.

It reminded me how much power words can have; how they can unite people, alienate people, reveal people for who they are.

If only I could put some words together on a page in a way that had that much power. Something to aspire to.

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  1. I caught that at the MIFF last year. Enjoyed it very much. It wasn't exactly *the* Thompson doco (I've a feeling that's yet to be made...), but, like any good informative film, it sent me right out of the cinema and back to the work of its subject.

    Meanwhile, I'm starting to get pretty psyched for that Rum Diary adaptation that's quickly taking shape...