Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pie Chart

After a very relaxing (if somewhat wetter than I would have liked from a week at the beach) holiday where I could focus on a very short list of things, I have returned home only to discover that my brain has almost immediately returned to its previous state. My mind is a pie chart.

Sometimes I feel like all the sections of the pie somehow add up to more than a whole pie. I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on my mental Creative To Do list (not to mention other To Do lists).

But the time away cleared my head enough for me to realise that maybe I can't keep my To Do lists in my head. I have to write them down.

I'm vaguely pedantic about how things are organised in my life, so I will probably have multiple To Do lists, all with different headings. I will probably pigeon hole my life in order to write simpler lists. I will probably have a List Book.

My List Book will probably include an Ultimate To Do List, like the one that Miss Maybel keeps. But it will also have a Boring Jobs To Do List, and a Places To Visit List. Oh the list-possibilities!

Most importantly, though, it will have a Creative Projects List, where I can write my story ideas, along with any sewing, painting, sound recording or cooking things I would like to do.

I think I'm turning into my father. I too am becoming a List Maniac.

Thanks Dad.

PS. Please excuse my terrible pie chart image -- it's a bad photo of a bad drawing done one-handed while on the phone to one of my brothers. But I'm sure you get the idea.

PPS. The deadline for the current project is this coming Monday, 2 March. Can't wait to see a few submissions!

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  1. i love lists! i am a list maniac too! i have little pieces of paper all over the house with little lists on them, maybe i need a list book like you too. it definitly clutters up my head all that time making lists.

    im so jealous of your garden! mine is pretty shriviled up and dying due to all this hot dry weather in melbourne... HOT in MELBOURNE? who woulda thought?!