Wednesday, February 4, 2009

market treasure...

I love love LOVE markets. I do admit I like the idea of them more than the doing - I start with good intentions but then when I get there and there is so many people and piles of trash often it is far too overwhelming for me. But this weekend I ventured out to the market of all markets - Camberwell Market. Its so exciting when you bother to have a proper search and come up with some good finds.

On Sunday I was searching for old postcards for a project/idea that I'm currently working on. I found some great ones. I especially love the ones with the letters on the back. One that I found from 1908 says:

Dear Kathleen,
Tell Mother that Aunty Alice was over to see us on Sunday and stayed to tea. I hope you have not got the measles. Tell Dad not to get them or else I will be frightened to come up.
With Love, Gret.

I love the old stories and wondering whatever happened to those people! One of them actually has a Melbourne address and name, I would love to track her family down. What an exciting mystery.

Also I found some 1940's black and white photo's from Egypt. I wonder where these people are! To be honest, the environment and the people and their clothes don't look too different from how I would imagine it to be now. I wonder about that.....

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