Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jumping in puddles...

I'm embarassed to even say it... but I'm late. Very late. Again. And so is Sophie. We are terrible players and someone should tell us we aren't allowed to play anymore... next month we promise we will be better! Check out those who DID get a submission in over the side, or as follows:

Ben Zen:

Pseudo Rhys:

Mr. Sketchy:


  1. Oh, we are bad people!

    You know what's so stupid about mine? It's on my computer at home, ready to go. I just have to upload it. Stupid.

  2. Hi Kate & Sophie,

    Don't worry about being late for this month's project. I can't even make it and here is my public apology for missing the Monday Project, again ... :(

  3. Hahaha Sure it is Sophie. Ok put the next one up. I have a new blog now I am ready to play again.