Thursday, July 9, 2009

new theme!

This week's theme is:


(or "courage" if you like... we're flexible... I just liked this picture hehe)

It will be due August 3rd. Go! Get creating!

image by karen m andersen


  1. Oh I have some ideas... Not sure if it will be a story or something else... Good theme though!

  2. Funny. In deciding to tackle this, I realised that I'd already addressed the task. I was brave! But I gave it a whirl anyway :o)

  3. So how does this work, exactly?

  4. hey maxine! it just works like this: if you want to play along, just create, write, make, or think about what ever the idea "brave" makes you think of, and then either post it on your own blog, and send us an email or leave us a comment to let us know and we will link back to it, or you can email us your response and we can post it up!
    easy :)

  5. hey team,
    again i've left it till the night before. Just like at uni i was scribbling between mouthfuls and getting distracted as my ipod randomly selected some very strange music from the depths of my collection.

    cant wait to see everyone else's brave faces. here's mine