Monday, June 1, 2009

Awesome :)

Yay! We've never received any awards here before and I thought what the hell? I shall give it a go! We received the Awe-summmm award from Yvonne at Safe Space, and Kerry from Awaken.... I highly recommend heading over to their blogs to check them out because I always find something relevant and uplifting to read and they always brighten my day just that little bit :)

So... I have to list 7 awesome things about myself... I don't know if I have SEVEN but I will see how I go:

1. I am caring. I care a lot about the important people in my life, and I would do anything I could to help those people that I love.
2. I am good at reading maps, and knowing where I am going. I have a GREAT sense of direction.
3. I can make beautiful things that people always are suprised by and appreciate.
4. I am a hardworker.
5. I pride myself on my work, and always work to a high standard, even though this may mean sometimes things take me a bit longer than others, I would rather do a GREAT job than a quick job.
6. I am thoughtful. I am considerate of what those around me need.
7. Oh no close... one more.... ummmm.... I am a great girlfriend, and an EXCELLENT cuddler :)

I'm going to cheat a bit and whoever reads this and wants to play along go for it... it was actually kind of fun and challenging trying to think of things about myself... but I will leave you with some great places I like to visit:

Of course Awaken and Safe Space, as well as:

Ben Zen
Mr Sketchy
Truth Be Told and
My Charlie Girl for great drawings and musings...

You are Remarkable and
So she tells you for nice pictures and words...

Letters I'd wish I'd written
Pacing the Panic Room just because... and there are so many more but that will have to do for now as I have work to be done!! :)


  1. Hehehe... I'm going to do this as well -- when I get half a second! So perhaps not until next week. :)

  2. Yes, thanks for the morale boost... but now I feel like I should be posting more... :)