Friday, June 19, 2009

I've been quiet

I'm not entirely sure why. My busy period has been over for about a week now, but I guess I've needed some time to be still. I had two days off work this week and am only tonight venturing out for an evening.

I feel like i'm rebuilding my energy stores though. I've got some ideas bubbling away in my brain, ready to be written about once I feel motivated (hopefully soon!).

Oh, and the rain has continued on and off, much to the annoyance of almost everyone I know. But it's certainly had me smiling!


  1. hehe yup you definitly need to move back here to Melbourne... the rain has you SMILING!! you must be a melbournite...

    It's good you've just been still and relaxing, and just knowing what you need :) It feels good sometimes to just give into your body and let it have what it is needing! Enjoy!

  2. Hey Sophie,

    You're not alone about being quiet and don't know why. I'm in a "werid mode". Though I'm still writing, everything is a bit muddled and there's not much energy in it. I'm crawling ... if you know what I mean! Anyway you take care. :)

  3. My gentle lull of downtime came after semester finished. It was, of course, preceded by a few days of wandering aimlessly around my house, thinking that I should be doing something important but not entirely sure what – the truth was, there was nothing. Enjoy it while you can!!