Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can't get motivated...

It is so cold today, I have lots to do but I just can't bring myself to leave the warmth of my house for the freezing concrete that is my workshop. Yesterday there was condensation on my tools!!

I've been so productive lately, but today I just cannot...get....moving...........

Bring back summer...

image from Chad_UK


  1. Im from Perth, and my parents are eager to let me know that its 20 degrees over there. But I just love this cold! It speaks of fireplaces, and doonas, and wood fired pizza and my all time fave... red wine :)

  2. Oh how annoying! Stupid weather.

    Meanwhile, I've turned on my computer to finish typing up some edits to a story that's thiiiis close to being finished and I've managed to distract myself. I don't even have the weather to blame!

    Good luck with the ice box :)

  3. Can't help but throw a little coaching your way....x

    How can you bring a little bit of summer into winter Kate?

    Is it sometimes okay to be a little de-motivated?

    When could it be useful?

    What's the payoff you are getting by staying in the warmth? Apart from the obvious....

    Thanks for your comment on my pics!

  4. Hi Kate,

    I know exactly what you mean ... I'm so over winter now but it's only started. Seems like we're having one hell of a "wild" winter !!?? And this morning's hail just blast away my will to write. :D

    Take care and stay warm!