Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rain, rain, rain

It's taken me a while to put these up. I took these on a failed adventure to the Everleigh Markets with my housemates -- failed because we got there just as the markets shut. How I wish I'd had my gumboots on!

I've been motivated this week. I've had two nights at home writing, and wished I was doing it the other three nights. I've also been noticing the (sometimes) very interesting people around me as I train and walk it to work, and have taken down little notes, which hopefully will be the start of... well, something.

Hard to believe it's only just over a week until this month's project is due. I swear it was only January yesterday.


  1. I like the last picture very much Sophie. Don't you just love people watching???

  2. Hey Sophie,
    In last nights deluge i attempted to remember how to make a paper boat to float down the gutter in front of my house. unfortunately my childhood paper boat skills did not return and by the time i had something resembling a floating vessel the water had disappeared down the drain. very sad.

    maybe i should do some prep work for next time :)

  3. oh i love the last one!! yup, yet again my project is being done at the last moment...