Tuesday, March 24, 2009

17 reasons I'm looking forward to the fast approaching winter...

1. Skirts and boots.
2. Hot water bottles.
3. Handmade scarves.
4. Fresh crisps mornings where everything feels new and clean.
5. Hearty vegetable soups.
6. Stockings.
7. Snuggling in bed.
8. That chilling feeling when you are all rugged up and toasty warm on the inside but a cold wind blows and your nose gets cold.
9. Warm baths.
10. Being snuggled up inside when it's raining.
11. Wearing socks.
12. Slippers and flannel pyjamas.
13. Puddles.
14. Frozen foggy breath.
15. Dark mornings where you get into the city and its foggy and cold and the lights are only just turning off and it still feels a little bit like night.
16. Hot air balloons in the sky in the morning (why do I only see these in winter?)
17. Hot chocolates being more acceptable and necessary.

images by doogsta and OZpics2007


  1. I look forward to being able to stay home on a Friday night without feeling guilty. Its more acceptable when Its cold and rainy out. I dont feel so old!

  2. Apparently the hot air balloons are harder to control when there are heat waves coming up from the ground (wow, I'm really techincal haha!), so that might explain why they're only around in winter.

    I'm really looking forward to winter too! I love those crisp mornings -- you're exactly right, everything does feel new. I'll be missing the cosy bars in Melbourne this year though. Sydney winters aren't quite the same.

  3. Absolutely love your list as they're pretty much the things I love about winter in Melbourne! But not sure about the hot water bottles. I keep having this image that there's a leak somewhere ... you see, I'm a natural worrier, hahaha! :)

  4. I love the one about being out early when it's still foggy, etc. And yes, multiple hot chocolates are necessary! This post has me all excited for winter now :)