Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary and Max

I've just been to a preview screening of Mary and Max, the new animation by Oscar-winning Harvey Krumpet writer/director, Adam Elliot.

I absolutely adored this film. Visually, it is spectacular to look at and it has a simple, touching story. The film is about the twenty year pen-friendship that forms between an eight year-old Mary in Australia and a forty-something year-old Max in New York.

Whatever I say about this film will sound trite, so I won't try to review it, only say that films like this one inspire my storytelling and motivate me to try harder. Never a bad thing!

Definitely see this one if you can.


  1. oh that sounds like such a nice film! i need a new good film to see.

    oh and i LOVE red bubble... i can waste many an-hour on there... i just saw yesterday my friend had a calendar that she bought off there? it was very nice!

  2. Your post came just on time! I need something to keep me going as I'm losing (a lot of) steam ... thank you!

  3. Meanwhile, caught this over the weekend - just wonderful. Nice to see all of the dopey parents with kids in tow ushering them out of the cinema every ten minutes...