Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Craftiness at work

I'm so pleased with myself! For the last few months I've been collecting paper at work with only one side printed on that would otherwise go into the recycling; and I've just made myself a bound notebook, with old, unused manilla folders cut down to size as the front and back cover. I've even got about three different colours to choose from for the covers.

I've no doubt that my work colleagues think I'm crazy, but I consulted Miss B (who sits on the other side of the petition) at each stage and she said she thought it was great; and J even taught me how to use the binder (it's a very large, rather intimidating machine with a fancy LCD screen). So I guess they're at least happy to go along with the craziness!

I still have a huge pile of paper, all the staples removed, clipped together into notebook-thickness sections, and I plan to make about ten more of these when I have a few spare moments at work. I'll use the notebooks for my writing, doodling, uni work. I love that I can make them exactly the size that I like.

But the best part about it is the fact that I am putting a small dent in the waste the company I work for creates; or the energy it uses to recycle. And what a feeling of well-being and smug pride it's given me! I can't wait to start using them.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo to post as yet. I feel a wee bit silly getting my camera out at work...


  1. i LOVE this!! this is the best idea!
    i cant wait to see a picture. i wish i had a binder i want to make some for myself. you're the best hehe

  2. Fantastic idea. Do post the pix of your hand-made notebook. Love to see it ... :)

  3. I might have to wait until I bring them home... my boss might wonder why on earth I'm taking pictures!

    That said, she knows me well enough to just roll her eyes and laugh.

  4. Hey Sophie,

    It's me again! Got back home and this idea just flashed at me. Depends on what's printed on the other side of the recycle paper your're using - you could use some of the words / images as writing prompt. In that way, you are actually inventing a unique "Sophie's Writing Exercise Book"!!!