Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lists update

I bought a book that I intended to use for lists. I haven’t even opened it. When I bought it there was a sale, and I convinced myself that I would use it, that I would get over its obvious systematic failures. I would do this because the book cost me a dollar.

But, as is usually the case with these things, just because it was on sale did not mean it was a good idea to buy it.

So a new list system is in the works. It will involve a ring binder of some description, so I can move pages around if lists get longer than the pages I have allocated them; it will probably have dividers; but most importantly I will be making a fabric cover for it (probably something similar to what Kristy has on Kootoyoo) so it can be discreet. It will also remain something for my eyes only. Why? Because I’m embarrassed about how organised I’m being about this (why am I telling you about it then, you ask? I don’t know, to be honest) and I don’t want anyone to see the proof that I’m pedantic.

I also want to thank Kristy for her Menu Planner – I’ve given my Dad a book full of these for his birthday, which I hope is a wonderful present for someone who puts so much effort into his grocery shopping lists.

Oh dear. We really are a List Family.


  1. I always admire people who are good with their hands to do craft work. My hands / eyes / brian are mostly out of sync, well maybe except when I'm writing, hahaha!
    Will you post a pix of your list book?

    P.S. my daily must do writing project is (drum roll, trumpets, angels singing) "to-do-list". So you're not alone here as a lister ;)

    Cheers and have a good day!

  2. Hey Sophie,

    This has nothing to do with your list book. It's about the link on Tobias Buckell you passed onto me. It's really good. Thanks heaps.

    Presumed you must have read it already. I'd like to know of your comments on it, i.e. blog post at The Monday Project or you could drop me a few points at my blog or my email, whichever way suits you. Thanks in advance for that.

    Cheers :)

    P.S. You're so lucky to have family members who support you in your writing career. Wish mine are same ...