Thursday, March 26, 2009


I’ve been published in print just once. On the web (other than here), I’ve been published a few more times. But I’m still not entirely sure how one goes about moving from Written Piece (notice I don’t say ‘finished’ – my pieces are never really finished) to Published Piece.

I do know that it involves putting your work out there. Sending your baby off to people you don’t know, who will judge whether or not it is worth publication. I find it a little terrifying.

The piece I had published in print was the first thing I ever really sent off. I should be proud of that, but it has, in fact, made it much more difficult for me to send anything else for consideration. What if it was just beginners’ luck? What if I only had one good piece of writing in me?

I know these are all just silly excuses for me to avoid having to face potential rejection. If I don’t send anything for consideration, I won’t have anything published. Simple as that.

I’ve made a mini-vow to myself. I am going to sit down at my computer and go through all of my short stories; and I am going to pick two, three, maybe four to start sending off to potential publishers. I will keep sending these stories until everywhere I can think of has said ‘no’ (or not replied).

The other issue here, of course, is that I do need to feel like something is at least finished enough for publication. So this is the first part of my mission: I am going to try to get three or four pieces to a Finished Enough point and then out they will go, into the big, scary world of Please Publish Me.

Wish me luck!


  1. GOOD LUCK!!! you can do it. you are a beautiful writer and you will get there!

    its such a scary point this point. i feel the same as you in some ways, now having all the skills and ideas to get my pieces out into the world, but not being able to get past the fear of not being good enough?

    i really liked this post, you've inspired me to get over myself and just get in there and have a go... or at least try. put a few steps in place to get it happening :)

  2. Oh I know just how you feel! I don't know where to start. I don't even know if i have anything worth sending out.

    You are so much braver then I am.

  3. Good luck! I have 100% that your story will be published. Afterall you had that 1st one. And look at me, after a long try, I'm still an unpublished writer! How I wish to have that 1st one. Anyway, you keep going and if there's anything I could help. Let me know! :)